Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Romans

 Half done, half done with this unit, today I will start on the second base, with the command figures. The victrix  command figures seems less "epic" in style then say Aventine, that got some very cool command figures, that are super fun to paint,

I have done a few things with the second batch, I feel the faces are much better. Also I knew better how to make the paint more pop out, so on the whole the figures are just more clean and better.  I pulled out the first batch and put them in the second rank So the first rank is now the latest ones.
 I will try and squise 2 units out of each boxs, but I only have 32 shield transfers  and I need 40 figures. With 2-3 command pr unit, that is down to 34 with regular shields, so some of the shields will be all black. But thats good value, for 30 pounds I get 2 units of close order infantry and two units of velties. In metal this would be £70
 But I honestly care more about quality then price, and these are as good as the best metal romans(like aventine)
 I'm very happy with the faces of the new ones, I looked at the faces in like 5000x3000 pixeles, were the nose on the face is almost as big as the whole figure in real life. And still the faces looked good


Johns Miniatures said...

Great looking unit. I like the different colours on the tunics :)

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, I normaly do diffrent tunic colors.