Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gallic Riders

 Well doing a carthaganian army is not really doing much carthaganians. Infact at Cannae Hannibal he did not have any carthaganian cav, it was all, Numidian, Spanish and Celtic/gallic.
And like 60-70% of his infantry was celtic and spanish. So I just have to start on his allies.
First up is 6 gallic cav.  This is first of 4 bases. So this will be a large unit in Hail Caesar. My cav is 6 small 12 standard and 24 large. I have decided to mix the "noble and regular cav, I find it unrealistic for them to be "separate game units"  I will class them as heavy cav, even if about half will not have armor by the end. I plan on two callic and 2 spanish units for this division. Then the second division will be only numidians(like at Cannae) not sure how that will with in hail ceaser tho. I also got my victrix romans, I think I'll be able to make 2 units of hastati from it.

My proudest moment in life, I managed plaid trousers! that I keep seeing people paint celts with. yet when I search for celtic plaid I only get kits and Scottish drap, not other celtic peoples plaid clothing.

Unit is a mix of armord with sword and unarmord with spear. I'll add a command more unarmord with spears and some armord with spears.


Phil said...

Details are amazing...great work!!

Stephen said...

Lovely work :-)