Monday, September 22, 2014

Victrix roman WIP

 So I started on my Victrix romans, I was quite happy with them,, untill I saw the pictures, 1 their faces looked like crap, and 2 the one of the far left got a dot of metal in his tunic! that last one is easy to fix tho. When I did them, I was more concerned with the shields, but they looked better then I'd thought in daylight. The flesh in general was has to many extremes. The blending of the highlights is not good enough. The theme is light blue, all units in the legion will have light blue feathers and light blue scabard.

 The red was easy to work with, easy to make look good, the "natural linen" not so much.

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Gary said...

Nice work, I just received mine in the post a few days ago. Currently finishing by Warlord Republican Romans. So far I have one velite assembled. Keep up the good work.