Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blood soaked tin cans

 Did more on my medieval project, almost done with the next 6, but took a break from them. And started on the command for some WOTR stuff, I found 3 spures from an old box of WOTR infantry. So I wanted to test out my new metal paints.  I tried to replicate the blood stains done by Suetonius Paullinus, but didn't get it as good as his stuff. The armor is quite a few colors, first blackend barrel A, then ink black, then blackend barrel B, then Gunmetal A, and B with highlights of sliver.

 This guy is bloody, he got a wound to the groin(one of the weak spots on the armor. His poleaxe is bloody as hell, on all pints, the stabby thing on the topp the stabby thing on the bottom, the sharp thing on the front and the blunt thing on the back. I think he looks tired, tired from blood loss and tired from separating heads of enemies from their bodies.

With 3 spures I can not make a unit, But I can do command and half a unit of bills.

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Johns Miniatures said...

Lookin' good! Remember when I painted their Wotr cavalry...thought I would die painting through all that silver :P