Monday, October 27, 2014

Knights who say neeeething.

 As they are of metal and so have no vocal cords.
First 3 of 12 knights on barded horses. Good figures, but hard to get my head around. I had alot of problem with paint flacking off. And again have problems gluing spears/lances on the figures, the shields work just fine. One blue knight with gold crosses and diamonds, one red with red black diamonds. and one black knight with black and blue bard and red hounds on the shield and surcoat. The mail is blackend barrel B, while the helment is verious colors, stating with blackend barrel B, then some gun metal and finaly silver highlights.
 I hope I can finish this unit, this year I have not done any cav units bigger then 6 riders and horses.
A big part of the hood on the horse had lost it's paint and I did not see it untill I got the photos in PS, so had to PS my self out of it.


Phil said...

Great looking knights!

Jay said...

Nice painting.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys!. Done the horses for the next 3 guys.