Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spearmen are done!

 Spearmen are done, my first unit for this project.
The uni actualy takes up alot of room, 20cm wide. the figures are not spaced as closely as most of my other units. This was parly because I wanted to figures to show more, with shielded figurs if you space them to close all you see is the shield and heads. this way more of the armor and clothing is visable, pluss i had alot of bases that worked this way. But 8 bases pr unit is alot so I defiantly need sabots for these guys. One cool thing with 3 and 3 on the base is I can mix up which ones are in the front.
 I gave them the norwegian coat of arms, that was used as kings flags in the 13th century.
I will give this to all my "kings troops" Bascily infantry and mounted sergants will have this. While the knights ect. will have their own stuff.

I plan on making a small forces under command of earl of Iceland, bascily the shiel one of the guys on the left has, the one that is yellow, white and blue.  Basicly the king calls on the earl for troops.

I think it's a good looking unit!

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