Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Knight Command

 So did these a few days ago, quite a few days, but blogger decided to be an asshole. So I didn't bother doing this update, but now I'm bored So might as well do it.

This is the command, well 2/3s of it, still need the thrumpeter. Took quite a long while doing theise. The "lord/officer" is black and yellow. Even his helment is painted(which aperantly they could do) The standard berrar is even more so, with sliver and red.

 I like this picure, but aperantly it's not realistic. The "scara" fought in tight packed formations boot to boot, quite alot like later cav bee it 30YW or WSS or Napoleonics.  So they were really were thanks, a mass og iron and meat. So theise while they look look like this, would infact be more "blocks" like we usualy play with in miniatures.
My medievals so far

Also up next is either 2 more knights(9 and 10 of 12) or if I get my fireforge box(it's taken now 17 days for the order to go from Italy to me, mabye the mafia got it) (or coked out fashion people from milan) If I do get it, I will try and make a conversion. Aperantly Scandinavian people loved the kettle hat so much even knights used it more then the great helm. So I will cut of the heads of my foot knights(most of them) And glue on some plastic fireforge kettle helments on most of them(a few get to keep their heads and helms)


Phil said...

Splendid colors, love them!

Johns Miniatures said...

Good job! They look great! Love the infantry line. with the banner. Reminds me of the last battle in Arn :)

Dan said...

nice, very colourful.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys, It's slow going now, but hope to finish anoter base of knights before the week is over.

Engel said...

Great looking collection you are starting to have now.