Friday, December 5, 2014

First Landsknecht

 So Waited for theise for a very long time(well 22 days) This happend after I watched olicana's blog about the italian wars, the pure wargame porn. I needed to do that!

I orderd 20 landsknecht from artizan, And I'll order a big order from foundry that will give me some 120 landsknecht and 18 gendarmes.

I'll also add arebusers, mounted and foot, mounted and foot crossbowmen ect. Probebly from TAG.

I've tried a totaly new style of painting theise figurers, I could say a bleak  imitation of olicanas style. I only use 2 layers, with big contrasts, This is not a style I will use on any other project, this is italian war only style. They don't look half as good as olicanas but they look good.

 They are fun to paint, but takes a long time, even with just 2 layers vs 3-5. the complex "uniforms" means it takes a while.
 Besides imitating a italian war god, I like this style for 2 other reasons. 1 in a pike block of 60-120 figures, you need bright colors with big contrasts to be seen. 1 saves time, again a unit of 60 pluss figures.

My units are mostly brightly colord, greens, reds, blues, yellows.


Phil said...

They look great, beautiful colors on these Landsknechts!

Johns Miniatures said...

Lovely colours! Looks great!

Stephen said...

Looking good :-)

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys, out of figures for this project now, but I have orderd gendarmes.