Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elite Coy 16e Chasseur A Cheval

 So I've had a box from FR laying unopend for months, 12 chasseurs and 12 dragoons.
First up is the elite Company of the Chasseurs, painted up as the 16th.

I like these, I've never been a fan of the old FR Napoleonic infantry. but FR Cav has always been great. Painted them as the 16th simply because aquamarine/torqouise is not a color I get to paint that often. This is actualy the first time I've painted an elite coy for cav units, I feel when paiting just 12 figures they take up alot of room, But I wanted to do it this time.

I think they turned out great. The green is Russian green B and C, with russian apple green A and B. I think it turned out great.

 I'll paint them as 2 squadrons, at 240 troopers, it gives 120 troopers pr. squadron, a very understrength but not uncommen company size.

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Phil said...

They look great!