Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lances, Christmas and Puppies.

 Well lets do the Lances first, two diffrent types here.
Separated by some 200 years of history.

First up is first base of 5th Silisian Landweher cav. Beeing Prussians they are of course Calpe.
I orderd some prussian line infantry, and then these from his old store. I got the paypal request for the landwehr cav, But by then I had spent the money on dog food. I told him I'd get the money to him as soon as possible, but I did not know he had sent the cav with the line infantry, so now I have some figures I have not pay for yet. So feeling bad for that, espacaly now that it's christmas. I have to get the money to him as soon as possible, but no banking is happening untill the 29th,
 Anyway as allways his figures are fantastic. A true Joy to paint, been a long time since I've painted calpe but boy are they little pieces of art.

 Then we travle back to the past. Got my Foundry Gendarmes, Just enough for one unit.
This is the first base, first of 4.

I like these, tho, getting the bard looking good is hard, it apears you can paint the bard either as metal or as cloth(I assume cloth over metal) I do not have a gold color that actualy stands out, I have painted (some bad) paterns in gold on the plate for the horse, but it's bearly visible.

 I gave them each a theme, that is used for both horse and rider. One is purple and white, another is red and light blue.
I like these, I wish I could get the bard better.

Life stuff

So this was the first Christmas away from my parents, I went to spend Christmas with my fiance's family, I had a very good time, We were 7 with the little one(8 if we add the other little one still in my sister in laws stomach) 

We had a very nice 7kg turkey, most of which disapeard. Lots of nice presents and a jolly time. We brought our 7.5 month old puppies and their mother, And walked down along the river in Rjukan.

The major event of the evening was the little one, just a few months over 2 years now,  He got his first ski's  This was much color then any of the toys he got, so out in to the cold to test them, He got quite cross when he had to come in, He wanted to ski all night. 

We had to drive back home, and could not stay the night, But why?


We had been expecting Puppies for Christmas, Do date was 23rd, But after a very long night for my fiance, We had to go to the Vet for a Ceasaraen. A big girl puppie was stuck in the birthcanal, she did not make it. But 4 other big ones did. And are now probebly suckeling at their mothers teats downstears while I write this. They are big and healthy having gone up close to 200+ grams in 4 days. 

Mommy Denali, a very photogenic dog, does not take bad pictures 

 Red Boy, looks brown now, but I've been told he will be quite light red.
 Black boy, Smallest of the bunch, but taking on weigh at the same speed as his bigger sibling.
 Black Girl. We are lucky, the black ones got very diffrent markings, so easy to tell apart.
 Gray Girl, biggest one.
And my Girl, My just out of bed Fiance holding the gray girl. 

This will be Denalies last litter, her first one 3 years ago was hard, and now a Ceasarean.
We will keep one puppy for our own. And we have one of her daughters from her first litter. 

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