Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lances part 3

 And this time landwehr again!

Now I got 3rd and 1st squadron, 1st aquadron will also be extended with the command base.

I like theise, I like the effect I get with this combo of blue, it's actualy just foundry union blue A,B and C, with a small highlight of coat d'arms fester blue, I have used this 4 combo before, But I feel more accurate brushwork from me helps to make them look better then pervious uses of this combo.
 I like them, I also like the photoes, I take them outside in minus 5c lay my shemag on a garden table, and take pictures, they do get a little to light. But very small adjustments with light in photoshop, makes them look they way they look in my hands.
Ofcourse that means I have to take pictures before 14:30, after that its dark....
On the other hand in summer I can take outside pictures at 1AM.

I'm now very bored with cav, so I'll paint 5 prussian musketeers.


Stephen said...

Keep them coming, little bror

Phil said...

Great job, love the blue colors!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, I'll probebly paint the next two tomorrow.