Sunday, January 4, 2015

Brandenburg Infanterie Regiment

 First figures of the year, anmd they are 1st Brandenburg.
 The have an anyoing number of figures, the unit should be 26 strong, and thats anoying, so looks like it's gonna be 4 five figure bases, and 1 six figure base. (which most likely will be the command base)
 I like these, the have the same grey and blue(a blue I have gotten alot of nice comments about)
There are more "thingies" on the infantry, straps, coats, haversacks ect. The painting when quite smoothly, but took longer then I expected, as the uniforms are quite simple compeard to French ect. Yet all the small details make it a long prossess. I spent half a day doing the uniform,  and the next almost full day doing everything els.
I like theise, they look good.


Chasseur said...

Great looking paintjobs!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, they are real fun to paint

Malefric said...

More Lovely Calpe Prussians to the Front! Excellent job.