Monday, December 15, 2014

So I was stupid enough to stop by the Napoleonic board on TMP, I knew it was a bad mistake before I did it. There was wonderfull pictures, talk of history, a thread listing favorite manufacturer's

I was also stupid enough to stop by dhcwargamesblog, and saw his wonderfull prussians and Möckern project. Möckern is ofcourse my favorite action during the Napoleonic wars. I've read digby Smiths Leipzig 3 times(only book I've read that many times) and the Möckern chapter of said book many many times. I've orderd a unit of Prussian line infantry, and Landwehr Cav. But I needed to paitn something while I waited, and I had to dig far into my boxes(from the move) to find some FR french. The boxes was in the "wall" up stairs. almost got stuck in there. I had like 12 big boxes to check, ok a few I knew had only dvds, but still quite a project. I also found my french cav(also FR,) they are still in the package they were shipped in. I know they are a unit of dragoons and one of Chesseurs.

Anyway, I finished the grenadiers, these are the new(well newish now) FR reenforcment packs. They are wonderfull. They still have super detail of FR, but are less stiff and bulky. Still much more hefty then say Perry, but now very close to Calpe. I'm torned I like the french uniform, but for Leipzig, the more down troten style of Calpe french in greatcoats is probebly more realistic. So realism or flash?

I tried something new on the french, a full 6 blue colors on the blue, Not sure if it's worth it or not, but I wanted to try it.

So those other french I did sevral months ago, they are painted more or less the the same, except for lack of eyes and 4 blues instead of 6.(and diffrent bases) But I think they look close enough.

I did notice I have lost some skill, the while lines on the cuffs seems straighter on the "old" figures then the new. Lost some of the tuch apeantly.


Johns Miniatures said...

Nice! Good job on the white shading :)

jonathan said...

Very nice - couldn't quite tell about the shades of blue but the white work is superb.