Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Landsknecht part 2.

 So I basicly finshed my landsknecht, I got 2 more from the order, might paint them up tomorrow or something. But I kinda hate having a half finished base, so might wait untill I order more.

So this is 18 landsknecht from artizan. When I get the money(not untill well after new year)  I'll order 6 packs of these and 1 of halbraders, For a total of 72 figures. I'll also order 2 units from TAG, one foot and one mounted arqebusers. And one unit of gendarmes.

So this is it so far. Hand painted(traced)  flag.
A 72 strong unit will be 4 bases wide and 3 deep.
I like them so far, But I think my next unit(that will be made with foundry) with be advancing.
I get marching instead of advancing, but just standing like this, From all the pictures of pike blocks they are always moving or advancing over the battlefield. By just standing there they loose that old feel.

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Phil said...

Great looking unit, very nice job!