Sunday, March 22, 2015

First Sengoku unit done

 Well it's been a while, Me and the Fiance got struck down with cold from hell, hit her the most. I'm mostly weak and got two major migrine days. While she got hit very had, she got it a week before I got it, And now shes on Antiboitics because she started to get pneumonia.

So not alot painting, most days I didn't have the strength, and other days we just had to relax. but I finnaly finished my Yari Ashigaru. 24 nice Ashigaru unit. I also had a birthday and got a nice new mobile from my fiance(mine was half dead) she also gave me some hicking trousers, and my inlaws gave me enough money to get some new shoes.(plus enough for a steak dinner) But I did get alot of money from my parents to, most went to grown up stuff. But did spend enough to get enough figures to finish Yamagata Masakage division,  It will be 3 yari ashigaru, 1 bow ashigaru, small teppo ashigaru, 1 katana samurai, and 1 mounted samurai.

I like this unit, it's colorfull no two figures are exactly the same.
Only thing I don't like is that with 4 bases, the command base is not exactly in the middle!! I like my flags/banners command in the center. With with banner it's ok, I can make it so it's almost in the middle.

 The armors are mostly black and red, with some browns now and then, these are aperantly the most commen colors(with black being the most common of those again)
 Command base is 2 banners, 1 offcier, and cone snail trumpeter.
I'm happy with theise, I'm also happy that this is the 3rd unit I've finished in "a short while) The first was late fall with my medieval spearmen, then the mounted men at arms and now this one.

I also like that all 3 of these were "big" units, both infantry are 24 and the cav was 12.


CelticCurmudgeon said...

Most importantly please accept my wish for a speedy and total recovery for both you and your fiance. This has been a tough winter on many levels and being ill really is at the top of that list.

The figures are impressive and certainly look the way I imagine a samurai regiment to appear. Blacks, browns and reds were dominant colors with gray and blue also found. Is it important to center the command stand? And does the rule set you play insist on the distribution of figures onto the larger stands? What I am thinking is that your rear rank could have the command stand in the center with one of the stands of ashigaru split to provide the balance for the back rank. From left to right,the back rank would consist of one split base of two, three full bases, and the other half of the split larger base.

In any case, do feel better.

The Celtic Curmudgeon

Gunfreak said...

Thank, we are getting closer to healthy.

it doesn't mater for the rules were the command is as long as there is one about center, the rules does not require big bases, but I'm lazy rearly when it comes to bases, almost never les then 6 pr base, or it becomes to many bases to keep track of.

Johns Miniatures said...

You're brave tackling a period like this with such a diversity in colours and banners. That is a very impressive unit!