Thursday, March 5, 2015

More Sengoku

 Did 4 more Samurai, So far the unit looks quite good.  I like the guy in the middle of the second base, The perry samurai do not have "chest plate lace" alot of samurais did have lace covering the whole chest plate, so I simply have to paint the lace on, even if there is no lace texture there.

 I also did a base of ashigaru I choose not to do them as uniform unit, one of my divisions will be more uniform, but most ashigaru will not be uniform. Red and black will be the most commen metal colors. with just the lace beeing diffrent. But I will add some brown armor to.

They have the nagae Yari, which looks so much better on the ashigaru then the shorter yaries.

I started work on two more bases, the command base and another regular one.  The command base has changed a little in how I thought it would be. First I thought of having 2 big sashimonoes, then for got about that, now I'm back at two. I also thought about maknig it pure command. But I feel it looks weird with lots of long spears then a gap with no spears for the command base. So the current planed makeup is 2 big sashimonoes, shell blower, officer and 2 regular spear.

As you see this unit will be part of Yamagata Masakage force.
I gave the officer regular short Yari, I think he would only need to to direct troops and the short yari is more of a "fecing" spear. He problebly has skill to go more close querter of need be.


Johns Miniatures said...

They look great!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, 3 bases of ashigaru are done, i also got my second order from Perry