Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Long time no see(again)

Remember when I used to post 3 posts a week?
Good think I don't have any ads on this blog or my income would serously have dropped! :)

Anyway I'll make it up to you at the end of the blog.

I've spent the last month painting some Roman Hastati, The first week was spent finding the damn box, I had put it away after December and couldn't find it.

Again 20 figure unit.

 I'm quite happy with it, my white gone fucked up, half ruining those in white tunic
 I just wanted to see how it would look with lots of diffrent tunic colors, There are a bunch: white, 3 diffrent reds, blue, sevral greens, sevral yellows ect.  I'm also very happy with the Bronze, think I've found a nice, bronze, it's Coat d'arms drwarven bronze, mixed with black, then a coat of agrax earthshade ink, then some bronze/copper from coat d'arms that the name has been washed off.

Here is my line of hastati, The new batch got slightly wider bases but more shallow.

I did promise to make up for the lack of posts, Well here you got, PUPPIES!

The boys got names, but we are keeping one of the girls, we just don't know which one yet.

One of the girls, temporary name Stripa.

 One of the Boys, Kenai

 Another boy Noatak

 The second girl, Temporary name Flekken

The 3rd Boy Yukon


Phil said...

Welcome back...with these gorgeous Romans!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, I'll try to do more regular updates.