Monday, September 21, 2015

Woo, just 12 days

Sorry for the bad pics, but I said I would try and update a little more often. So bad pics. becaue 1. I'm out of my flock so the unit can't be totaly finished, and two there are 5 wild pupplings in the yard, can't risk taking pictures out side as long as those run around.

So these are wip. 24 carthagenians spearmen/hoplites. These are primaraly for HC so the hoplites needed 3 ranks, the box comes with 24 hoplites(including command) So that means 3x8 figures.

I'm not that pleased about the slip box, I would have preferd 60 figure box of Vetrans and one of Hoplites, not split in 24/24 pluss light infantry. Now I see the spanish boxes will be 24 figures to,(well 26 with command)  Why spanish get 26 figure boxes and not 60 with 24/24 split I do not know.

Depanding on how you would rate the spanish(warband ect) you might need 4 ranks of spanish, that means you need atleast 2 boxes to make a propper unit, Also £18 for 26 figures is 0.75 pr figures, alot more then the 0,45 pr figure in the 60+ boxes. But I guess still alot cheper then £1.1-1.6  the metal 28mm costs.

Enough bitching, lets get to the figues, there has been very little pics of any of the victrix boxes of late, I do find romans, but even greek hoplites and especaly the carthaganian figures are hard to find painted. I even had a ahard time getting info on just what was in the spures, I had to as on a forum to find out if the spear arms could be used for both type of soldiers. But they can't the arms are designed for either hoplites or vetrans, so all vetrans will be in a more dynamic stabby stabby pose, all hoplites will be in a static waiting for the bus pose.

I've found that painting linothorax is plastic is a pain in the ass, I have painted Aventine linothorax and those are nice and easy to paint, I then painted Warlord phalangites and fround the plastic linothoraxes to be a pain to paint, shallow details, so much time spent on tidying up my sloppy painting ect. I thought it was just warlord plastic beeing warlord. But no the linothoraxes from victrix are also a paint, they are better to paint(mostly because of the pose I think)  but still hard to put details on them, lots of gonig back to fix mistakes ect. I guess it's just a fact of life, the tunics, the command figures, faces, spears, shields ect, are great, It's just plastic and linothoraxes equals pain to paint. I have painted 5 of the vetrans and working on another 5 now. They are great, the mail is so easy to paint, So it's not lack of quality or skills of the sculptor. 

I would have preferd my hoplites in a more dynamic pose, to me hoplites should be in battle formation with spears over shield!  

So bad picutre! The have mostly white linothorax with some red trimming, some have colord sholder parts, one has all red chest part.

The command figures are great, Very fun to paint.

But it brings me back to my trouble with the box, I really don't need hoplites, I only really need the vetrans, But the price of the figures almost double if I don't use the hoplites. So I guess they will be used for Punic forces in Spain and africa or Battle of Trabia ect.


Phil said...

They look beautiful and very impressive!

Johns Miniatures said...

Looking good!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, my vetrans are done except for base, except a new post in a few days!