Saturday, November 21, 2015


  Well it's well past a month since last post, Things ground to a halt as I ran out of much of my basing supply as well as spray primer. I then put a lawnchair infront of the mailbox, waiting for stuff needed to do two new projects!

My first project I wanted to start was GNW, I did try it a few years back, but honestly the only range of GNW figures out there wasn't my cup of tea, But with Warfare miniatures about to release russians, and having nice swedes out I took the plunge. A regiment of cavalry(18 figures) And a battalion of infantry. While I was wainting I orderd more figures from warfare but this time their NYW range. Enough for two battalions of duch. But the post is a slow aninmal, so I got twichy.

I found by accident all my old GNW figures from the pervious project, while as mentioned not a big fan of the figures. It was £150 worth of figures, so I painted up a battalion of russians(minus the pikemen)

The green is to light aperantly. But it was ok to paint, Now that Warfare russians are starting to come out, I'll use those instead.

Now for the big reveal, I decided to go all out on my GNW and NYW project, and that means shamelessly stealing lots of stuff, I half stole Barry Hilton's bases, and I totally stole how he does his bases(Only I do it worse)  Like always I make grand plans, So far my Plan for NYW consict of making a 3 battalion Dutch drigade and a 3 battalion Danish brigade. (my GNW is much more insane)

This battalion was a battalion from hell, While the figures are lovely, real lovely, they are quite a diffrent style from most other figures I paint, while great looking, I found them hard to get to look good. It did not help I seriously had problems finding a propper white color. I think in the end 3 diffrent home made triads was tried, And I'm quite happy with the third one. 

Then ofcourse came the basing. As I said new style, and quite alot more complex then my old one. My old was was, PVA, sand and flock... Now I first put on wood filler, paint wood filler with 4 diffrent colors, MIX pva and stand to make little rock thingies. Paint them, then flock, then tufts. 
I had to repaint the shoes sevral times, and some of the stockings to. that woodfiller got EVERYWHERE!. So for the next unit, I'll have to glue on 3 and 3 figures, and use woodfiller while only haf is glued on, then the rest of the wood filler when the rest of the figures are on the base.

You also see a half octogon on the command base, Barry seem to use a separte half octogon but mine simply is an extention of the central base. 

Even after all the trouble I had with this unit, I did enjoy alot painting it. and now that it's finished it is one of the best units I've made. 

I've painted ALOT this month, even if now updates happend, While those russians have been done for like 3 weeks, it's been muddy rainy weathert, and so no ability to take good pics. Finally a few days ago it became cold and the mud fially froze over(it's tiresome to mop up mud from 9 dogs every day) I don't think I've enjoyed painting this much in years!  Total so far since my last blog post is 71, 
12 swedish cav(hope to put them up on the blog this comming week when all 18 are done)  18 russians, 25 dutch in this battalion, 6 so far for the next battalion, 10 swedish infantry

 Even with the problems, I love how this unit turned out.
 The pikes are probebly to long, by this time I think about 75mm would be more right, some say 70mm but that dosn't look like pikes to me, more like pointed sticks. So I did them 90mm, It simply looks more epic.
 Naturaly my GNW infantry will be based like this.

The unit is Friesheim, it will be brigaded with Friesland(done 6 of those) and Du Theil(still need figures for that one)
So this is what I've been up to while I was gone from the blog.


Ray Rousell said...

Beautiful painting!!!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, i very much enjoyed painting them. Hopefully I'll have a new unit up in a couple of days.