Sunday, November 29, 2015


Finally did finished unit, well not unit, 3 units, as these are for Beneath the lilly banners, each "unit" is a squadron of 6. But also not a unit, as the regiment is not done, by the time I'm done it will be 8 squadrons big or 48 figures.

This is the biggest cav unit I've done(except for some 6mm and one 15mm unit painted long ago)
Normaly I can bearly get to the 12 figures, Here I sored past 12 easly.

It's amazing how much more "heafty" 18 figures look compeard to 12,

The regiment is Småland, and ofcourse are warfare miniatures. I love these figures, very animated, and the best horses I've ever painted(tho I do not do them justice)  Again I used the new basing system. This is clearly my best cav "unit" so far.
 These are the "prototype" swedish cav, aperantly a new line of swedish cave will come out, not sure how they will top theise tho. The command figures are from their Leauge of Augsburg line, but fit in well.

 Up next will be my Swdish Kalmar battalion.


Phil said...

Impressive and beautiful cavalry!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks!, I hope to finished of the basing and have my first swesih battalion up during the comming week.

Johns Miniatures said...


Der Alte Fritz said...

They look wonderful. Bigger is always visually better. I have more Warfare Miniatures Swedish cavalry on my painting table too.


Gunfreak said...

Thanks for stopping by Jim, great too see you!
I'm waiting for more of your pictures!