Thursday, January 28, 2016

2nd battalion 4th Marine artillery regiment

Well it's been exactly 1 months since I posted.
But I've not been idle. Since last post I have painted 6 more Swedish cav, 9 russian hussars, 12 french infantry and 2 guns and 6 prussian Napoleonic gunners. I hope to finish the last 3 hussars today and post pictures sometime next week perhaps.

On to the 2nd battalion 4th Marine Artillery Regiment.

I thnik this unit looks great, I had painted 12 of them allready but I felt I needed to rebase them to my current basing system, so those 12 where rebased and i painted the last 12.
While they look very good, man am I bored of painting them. so much blue..... Iike to paint blue, I got good blue colors that look great. But the sea of blue gets very boring.

24 figure unit, The biggest battalion in the 1st brigade of 21st divsion 

Flag is from Mavrick 

I feel the new basing style dosn't suit small bases, I think I will order some 50x50mm for Napoleonic infantry. 

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Phil said...

They look great, beautiful massive batallion...