Monday, December 28, 2015

End of Year Report/Next Years plans.

So this year has been one of the best painting years in a long time. While the volume might be slighly lower. It was still a great year.

I found a nice spot in the yard to take picutres, that really help to make my figures look good in pictures.  I've actually finished almosy all units I've started on.

A few of the units also looked quite good, I've painted the lovely Calpe miniatures, I'm not sure how he does it, but somehow I never paint as well as when I paint calpe. I can never get my perry and others to look that good. Even sevral years ago when I was a much lesser painter, my calpe did look alot better then my other figures. Sure now when I paint perry they have far surpase my older Calpe.
But new painted calpe looks much better then new painted perry. Now some of that might be because the calpe I'm painting now are mostly dark blue and gray. And I have great colors for dark blue and gray. So the right colors help alot.

I also finished a unit of Ashigaru and have ALOT of perry sengoku figures bought this year. And I'll get back to them.

I also did more figures for my unspecified ancient project, two units of Carthagenians and one unit of hastati.  My part 2 of ancient project is now about 80 figure strong, Plus the over 250 ones I have from way back. It means my ancient project(s) are the biggest 28mm I've done except for Napoleoincs.

But the highpoint must be the last part of the year. Where i painted 4 "units" in just a few weeks, that is a higher volume then I've painted in years and years. I don't know if it was the periods, the figures them self, or the new basing style. Probebly a mix of them all.
I did try and paint some Front Rank Napoleonic british after I used up my Warfare Swedes and "Dutch"  These are the new reenforcment packs from FR so very very nice. But they where marching poses. I did find them boring. And I couldn't finish a single batch of 6 figures.

I feel that painting goes faster, yet figures look better. Painting 4-6 figures steem to go faster. Might be that GNW/NYW figures are somewhat simpler then say Napoleonics, But it feels more like I've just found the grove.

So whats Next for 2016?

Well I'm in the prossess of rebasing my Minden prussians and austrians. This is a project form early 2014. I did small units of 16 infantry and 6 cavalry. I'm now rebasing and I want to expand the unit to atleast 24 infantry and 12 cav. So I need more minden figures. I'm also using the new basing system 4.5 on these.

The new basing system drasticly diffrent from my old style/philosphy. When I had my gaming table, I was very obsessed with getting as many figures as possible on my 4x7 table. The idea was if the bases and unit widths are small more units and figures could fit the table with out it beeing to full.

Now my table is gone for the forseable future. I might in a few years get it up again, and mabye even get room for a 5x9 or 6x8 table. But even if I don't have room for sutch a big table. I'm, really only a wargamer in theory, I'm really only a miniature painter that makes units and dreams about having big armies. So if my unit takes 25cm frontage insead of 18. Then who cares.

I do have some minden stuff still, I've painted a few commanders. And a small battalion gun with crew.

 One of the new things A battalion gun. The "straw" in the breaches and vest is probebly to dark.
 This is how far I've gotten in the rebasing: III Guards and one base of Sers Fusiliers
 They are now based in the Next Genration basing (TNB)
I still kinda would have liked them even closer based, very shoulder to shoulder, but it would make it impossbile to do the bases.
 Franz Leopold von Nádasdy
Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz

I also got a lovely gift from my Fiance.

This has allready been sent to Barry as an order for Swedish cav and infantry. 
I wanted to continue my GNW and NYW projects, but Did not know where to find the money. 
in January I'll buy some minden, and so I did not know when I would get the money for my swedes given we got a wedding comming up in six months time. We need food for the wedding, clothes and ofcoruse the rings.

But now I'll get to do 18 more Cav and 23 more Inf.
I hope to have the time and money to finish the first half my my swedes(3 battalions and 9 aquadrons) Before summer.

Also planed but now idea when.

Continuation of my NYW, I still got 1 more dutch battalion, 3 Danish and 3 English battlions.
A brigade of Dutch dragoons and one danish and one english brigade of cav. Then ofcourse the French.

I also want to do Scanian war project. Also with Warfare figures. It will give me a chance to be patriotic and paint some Norwegians for once.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post or atleast the Miniature pictures.


Phil said...

These minis, and this period, are fantastic!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, i agree the period is fantastic and minden minies are wonderful.