Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hello my old "friend"

So if you go to my labels and hit SYW and go to the oldest post. You'll see some war crimes.

The year was 2008 I had orderd a bunch of Old glory 15s SYW figures. In my attempt to do Miden with Might and reason.

I decided to spray paint my french white and simply paint on the flesh, facings, musket tricorne and shoes. It was horrible.... The horror the horror!

Anyway I still have a couple of blisters and thought well 15mm, don't do much that anymore.
I do want to do a grand tactical game and have toyed with 6mm Napoleonic Blücher project.
But I have these figures. And the blue moon figures look niceish..

So I painted up those Hanoverians I got my hand of, the blister hand broken and so I had to dig into my "rote eske" I suck my self on sharp figure. old wire spears, but I got enough to make a 24 figure brigade.

Lets just say the figures show their age, sculpts are crude and strange poses. And I'm no loger a 15mm painter so well the resault is.... Odd! On the up side the faces where better then I would have thought. I had no problems doing a 3 shade job on the faces.

I will work with Minden and Villenhousen OOB to make lots of units.

 This is the Hanoverian Guard brigade, brigaded with the British 
I also found a blister of British artillery and french infantry.

've gone through the french blister and by "cheating" using a hanoverian standard barer) I can get 2 units out of the blister. 
I've painted the first 6 figures of french and I must say the french figures are better then the hanoverians. if it wasn't for the odd gaiters the figures would actualy be very nice.
The vest, the jacket, face musket ect are all very nice even the leather straps are better.

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