Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Colonel Général Cavalerie and some WIPs

So quite a long time since last post. Still doing SYW but a bit bigger stuff.
I have painted quite a few prussians and austrians, but somehow they don't do it for me, I love the look of some of the units, but I don't feel inspired to paint them I have had 8 half finished prussians laying around for ever.

So I decided to change things up and do France vs Allies.

First unit up is  Colonel Général Cavalerie. As I'm doing Might & Reason, Colonel Général Cavalerie actaually represent quite a few other regiments, the "offical" M&R Minden OOB gives the french 6 "regular/legere/cuirassier" units, So I'll paint 3 of them in the more "exotic" colors with Colonel Général Cavalerie being one Bourgogne Cavalerie being other, Not sure which will be the 3rd "colored" unit. the remaining 3 will be in the more standard white uniforms.

On to the figures! These are Crann Tara miniatures, Crann Tara produces miniatures for The 45 rebellion, WAS, and some SYW stuff. It's also the european distribuater of Fife & drum miniatures, aswell as select figures from Minden miniatures range(so far Hanoverians)
The Crann Tara miniatures are sculpted by the same sculpter as Minden miniatures, They are very similar and don't hasitate for a second to mix them.(I know I will)

My Colonel Général Cavalerie are actualy Fitz-James figures but the uniforms are the same.
They are fantastic figures, and I'm very happy with the ressault(with one execption)

I found a new red while shopping for some painting and basing supplies. That is a perfect mix for my other reds. I have a good shade and good mid tone. But my mid tone and highlight are to far apart. This red(astrorath) is perfect to use between my mid and highlight.

The only thing I don't like are the checkerboard on the saddlecloth. it looks horrible, I can't free paint at all.

 As these are for Might & Reason The unit is 2 bases of 4

Next up is the first WIP, The french have some german units, but No figures fit the uniforms quite right. As I understood it there are two options, French in turnbacks, But then you have to paint on the lapels, Or Austrians, But then you are missing the swords, the vest got laced button holes and tricornes have pompoms, pluss ofcourse the bread bag ect is wrong.
Since I can't free hand lapels and I did have a few austrians I decided on them. The general cut of the uniform looks to be very close. And I can simply pretend they lost the swords in some gambling hall.

 I only had 12 austrians so the unit is just half done. 
 I don't often get to paint mid blue, all my blue is almost always dark, with some sky/bravarian blue. So it was fun. Mid blue and yellow is  nice color. 
Given the french got 19 infantry units for Minden and almost all French and Saxon infantry are white, I will take any opertunity to get in a few units with a little color.

And lastly a second WIP and this time it is WHITE!
The Hessian Miltitz Cavalry, Again No propper Hessians so these are prussians!
 So even on the Allies side I can't escape the WHITE!
Again I only had enough figures for half the unit.


Phil said...

Beautiful figures, bases...and photos!

Johns Miniatures said...

Nice units!