Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Swedish" "cuirassiers"

 So long ago   I orderd some empress miniature ECW figures, mostly because of the figures looked great, As I excepted they did not get painted. As I have ZERO intrest in that period. Sadly they have been spread to the winds. Me being totaly unstructured plus the move. Ment that all my Empress ECW figures got devided into half a dozen boxes with no contol of where.

But I did find 10 of the ECW armored cav. They have have comanderd them tobecome late war cuirassiers in swedish service!

The figures are fantastic, The reigns are actualy seperate not "melted" into one that they so often are under the head of the horse. The brindle and other leather things are also much thinnner and more realistic! The horses them self are fantastic too!

To bad they are so expencvie, but I'm  still thinking  my late war cuirassiers and some of the swedish horse will be these figures. Sadly infantry is not usefull at alle for TYW. My infantry will probebly by 1st corps. I do have some, I'm test painting now. to see if I can get them well enough for me to be willing to use them. They are quite diffrent from the style and detail I'm used to. Which means I general can't paint them well enough. Also verious other makers will be used like TAG and warlord(for fully armored cuirassiers)

 I painted them in the classic swedish blue. 
 They will not be a historic unit as the figures are not 100% right for TYW, 

I also reviced my birthday gift from my Fiance, The Great Northern War Compendium, 
I'll post a propper review of it (which seems to be all the rage for us doing GNW) 
But I'll give a very brief first impression:

I've not even opened the 2nd vol. The first day I only tok a tiny lookie(I couldn't get to inspired as I still have 2 cuirassiers to paint)

I have red alteast half of the articals of vol. 1 now. So far very very good. I do have some nit picking to do. But I'll save that for full review.
What I can say if you want info on GNW this is the stuff for you. I've tried hard to find info on this war for many months and honestly the info you get in this book can not be found on line not even close! So if you want this info you'll have to sell your soul/first born/car becasue this thing is expencive!

Also info on the uniforms are great. Not only general uniforms, all the info you would want on the armies, recruiting, organisation ect. How ever, The uniform plates are generic for the whole of the war in general. If you want more spesific(especaly when units used karpus or not(for the swedes) You still need to look at The owner of tacticus has contribiuted to the compendium.

I want to write more, Because I allready have alot to say about it and I'm very excited about this! But it would not befair untill I have atleast read quite abit of vol. 2. I will not wait for the review untill I've read every single artical tho!

I will say one last thing about the compendium, I was reading the rather hefty artical about the swedish army. And I read that in the provincial regiments(Those with place names in their name, So like Jönkøping ect) Spread their grenadiers out among the companies. Which came just in time, I'm about to start on some old Musketeer/footsore swedes and paint them as Björneborg. And I had planed to put my grenadiers at the right most place in the battalion(which was standard practice then and well into the 19th century) So that helped me alot! So Björneborg will get grenadiers everywhere!


Roger Castle said...

Look forward to your thoughts on the compendium!

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Nice review, I know these sort of things do cost quite a bit but I would rather have a couple of excellent books on a subject than four or five middling price iffy ones.