Thursday, April 7, 2016

Swedes 1/3 done

I have now completed 2/3s of my half way goal and thats also the 1/3 of my total goal.
First up is Småland they looked impressive with 30 figures, Even more so with 36. The Småland regiment still needs 12 more figures! 

 36 Småland
 Two deep line

Ride of the Swedes! 

And here the force in in all it's Glory. 
44 infantry Kalmar and Jönköping regiments and ofcourse Småland cavalry. 

 Only 80 figures, but damn that cav takes alot of room!
 Lots of Flags
 I've found a good tool on photoshop that gives good pics. 

I have some footsore/musketeer miniatures that I'll try and paint next. Just to see how they will turn out. Not sure if they will be part of my force or not.


Neil Scott said...

Excellent work

Phil said...

Very nice job!

Engel said...

As I posted on the Black Powder facenook page, these look dandy...

Cheers/ Jonas

Gunfreak said...


Der Alte Fritz said...

Very nice painting on these figures. Congratulations for the start of a fine looking army .

Gunfreak said...

Thanks. I highly enjoy watcing your russians and Swedes to!