Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Half a Pike Block and life stuff

 So no updates for well over a month now. This is becasue I got hit with the flu that knocked me out for 2 weeks and it ended up as bronchitis so I'm on some nice antibiotics!

It was quite inconvient with wedding coming up. I finnaly managed to drag my self to the mall to get my, shirt, tie, socks and belt to finish the new fancy suit I bought!

So in 5 days the wedding is on, I'm still on antibiotics and coughing like a MoFo. But it does look like we will get nice weather which is nice as it's a outdoor wedding.

I did paint some artizan landsknecht a few years back. And they where a tiny 18 figure. Now with the help of 18 pro gloria it's no a sligtly less tiny 36 figure pike block. I now do have enough pro gloria to finish the 72 figure pike block!

 With 36 figure it does look somewhat blocky!
It's not often I get to use purple and especaly tourqoise

No two is exacly the same!


Phil said...

Awesome looking pike block and colorful too!

Phil said...

Very nice and very impressive, well done!

TamsinP said...

Nice looking landsknechts :)

Colin Ashton said...

Impressive and they clearly mean business

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys and gal!