Thursday, June 16, 2016

Belzunce Infanterie And life

First some life stuff. I got Married on June the 4th. It was a wonderfull day. Perfect weather, good food, good company.

Sadly a week and a half later(on this Tuesday my grandma died. She couldn't take part in the wedding. But we stopped by on last Wendsday and gave her, her name stone, some photoes of the wedding ect. She died in her home she had lived in since just after WW2. Died in her sleep. She was 96 years old hand a good life. It's not that sad. While I will miss her imensly having seen her every day until I was 28 years old(she lived just 5 minutes from my childhood home) It was much better for her to die at home. With her own food, tv, gossip magasines. Then having to move to a nursing home and dying just two weeks later. She died in the best possible way for someone her age. She probebly only held on to she me get married. And I'm very glad she got to see it.

Now on to what The blog is about.

So wellcome to the Belzunce Infanterie,
I choose to use the Crann Tara WAS french, even tho they had the wrong bags and swords. Simply because I like the look of firing figures.

 Apertnatly Belzunce Infanterie was one of the few french units that did not use the royal livery. But I could not find the Belzunce livery.
 I do like the look of this. Only thing is the flags are not center enough. So for my next units, The command will be split between the two bases. So they are actually in the center.
1 down. 17 and a half to go(For the infantry of the french for my Minden OOB)

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