Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Suddenly Brigade!

Here  you are  walking along minding  your  own buissness,  and then suddenly right in your face a   Danish brigade!

I got these from Ebor, and i decided to try something new, Normaly I paint one  and one unit  then post it. This  time  I  decided  to try and paint  the brigade "as one"

To do this, I  painted every  other base a diffrent battalion.  So 1 base  of fynske, then one of livgraden and one of prinds Georg, This  way I the brigade  would be  done as one!

It was though  going,  two weeks of intense painting. It went  swimmingly the  first few  bases, I had done 1 regular base of each  and 2 of the command, but then  on the 3rd command(prinds Gerog) I got hold up,  I  had  things to do in the house those days, and while the 5 first bases  took 1  day each, I spent  3 days to finish the command of Prinds Georg. Then  came the week end with some painting. Then in   an  epic  strugle I did the last base of both livgrarden and Prinds Gerog yesterday(painting into the night)

 Each unit  is  18  figures, each has 2  grandiers, 1 sergants,  2 drummers,  2 standarbarers 1 offiser and  regular musketeers.
I  forgot to order a briadier to my brigade, I  didn't have  any apporiate one, So a footsore russian  officer got highjacked to become Christopher  von Bielke(also seen his  name  as; Kristoffer Bielke  and Christopher Bjelke) He is  only a  stand in, as I don't  like the figure, while the man  him self look ok, (good face) The horse is  just all wrong. for some reason footsore only has one horse for everything in the GNW range. The horse  has no propper horse saddle blanket,   and no cover for the pistol holster, the  horse looks more  like 30   years war  horse then  anything  to do with early 18th Century, Must  be  a poor general who can't aford a saddle  blanket....

Fynske  regiment was not in Bielkes Brigade, but I like the grey and green, So he gets added  to that one. I had  to find "danish grey" Luckely unlike  the Dutch and French  uniforms that verious sources describe as "off white/white/light grey" But often shown as white on plates.   The Danish clearly has "light grey"  coats. Mine might  still be a tad to dark. But I like the  look.
In the   end  the grey  was:  Slate Grey B, Slate grey C   both from foundry, then   a mix of Foundry  Artic  grey A  and Granit C  as highlight.

Ah Livgarden til Fods.  I think  I  would have  problems doing the brigade if not the straw to brake up the grey!
But STRAW!  bane of my existance! I've  tried  for years to get straw triad.
I think I nailed it!  I  had by chance  bought a citadel  bottle   of Tallarn sand, never used  it  before this time. But worked great as a shade, then coat de arms Horse  tone dun,  and highlight of coat d arms  desert yellow.  I  think   they look  very spiffy! and they are definatly straw  and not "yellow"
Both Fynske og Livgarden,  Saw  action in WSS and GNW(not the  same battalions)

Prinds Gerog had same grey  as fynske ofcourse, the orange was a little  tricky, my "dark"  orange called burnt orange don't cover propperly so needed to layers,  then a layer  of flame orange over.
Some sources  say the  regiment  had  blue  and orange instead of  grey. That is an awesome  color combo. But decided atleast that this battalion will get grey and orange.

So this is my  brigade of danes. It was tiresome at  the end. I'm  glad I only had 3 battalions to paint  or I might have gone   mad!

The flags are  cloth flags from Maverick   model! fantastic  flags  but I'm  really bad at cutting them out. Especaly fynske got their flags mangaled(had  to  by propper siccors after fynske)

Now I'm not sure if I   should  take a painting break and  wait for  my order from Warfare, or go and attack the french horse!


Phil said...

lovely painted display of units/figures and flocking of bases too!


Paul Robinson said...

Excellent paintwork and really nice presentation. Superb.

Phil said...

They look superb!! Painting, basing and flags, all is perfect...What a wonderful period to play...

Gunfreak said...

Thanks all, I agree wonderful period!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Beautiful work on the shading on the coats. It makes the figures really 'pop'.

Johns Miniatures said...

Looks great!

Gonsalvo said...

They look superb!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks gents!

TheSkirmisher said...

Impressive paintjob!

Gunfreak said...

Thank you!