Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Project leftover/tidy up part 1

So I have sevral figures from a pervious WSS project. And since it's hard times(even tho I use to much money of figures anyway) I decided to paint up these figures. First up is the Dutch regiment Pallandt, I was missing 7 figures, I painted up the ones I had and orderd 6 more from Ebor, I forgot about the 7th and asked if Ebor could bill me for the last, He didn't, but sent the 7th along anyway! Great service and unbeatable prices!  I like the look of these figures, tho I feel they look better on the pictures then real life. Not quite happy with the last highlight of light grey.

Next up on Project left over will be Prussian WSS unit, they won't be as tidy, but more on that when they are finished!

I'm running out of basing stuff, so the bases are kinda boring


Paul Robinson said...

Looking good. Nick at Ebor is a great guy to deal with and I've always appreciated his service.

Gunfreak said...

I agree, but he should update his store more often. Aperantly many times he has new figures avaliable a good long while before they are in the store.

Engel said...

Looks really good.

Gunfreak said...