Saturday, October 29, 2016

A very special unit

A very special unit! I had started a Prussia vs Austria project with minden miniatures. I got in contact with man from TMP and we started talking about me buying some of this many minden figures, it took a while and planes changed. I decided to do the battle of Minden with Might and Reason rules, and he decided to not give up on painting those wonderfull minden figures.

I did have a few Austrian and prussian figures laying around. I painted 3 prussian draoons as Hessian Cavarly and 12 Austrian musketeers as the French/German regiment Anhalt. But I needed 3 more dragoons and 12 more muskteers. Stefan knew I was about to get married. So he said I could choose a few figures as a wedding gift. And I choose 12 austrian musketeers and 3 prussian dragoons.

So a few weeks before the wedding I got a package that not only included these figures but some nice Belgian chocolate!

And now sevral months later, the unit is finished.

The Austrian musketeers aren't  a perfect match,  the biggest  diffrences that I can  see are the lace on  the vest and  the lack of sword. But they  are  close enough.

 I used the Foundry Deep Blue triad, a rather  strange triad. 
The  end  product  is ok, but the triad is funky, The A shade is  very dark, but not only is  the B shade quite alot lighter,   it has a very diffrent tone, the A is dark and rich, while B and C are  much  more flat in the color, so for me  the A does  not Match B  and C,  not only that, but  while  A is very much darker then B, C  is not that much lighter then B, 

This  is something I've notcied with the foundry colors,  some are great, others are not. Generaly the Napoleonic triads are very good. But other  "generic"  triads  can be quite useless.
 Next up are 4 Prussian dragoon as  Hessian cavalry, To finish my wedding gifts.