Saturday, October 22, 2016

Brunck/Estorff Regiment

 So with just 3 danish horses and troopers left to finisg my 3 squadron regiment, I had "early 18th centryed out"  I'll get back to these 3 soon! But I also had a unit of  Minden Hanoverians  almost finished I  had  finished 12 of  them, and was almost done with 6 more, when back in July I  got bored. I've now finished it.

Since July I have painted 125 WSS/GNW, I still have 74 more that I can paint.

Right  now  I'll  paint 12 more SYW, then finish those 3 danes. and then back  to SYW!

This is regiment Brunck/Estorff  part  of the  Hannoverian  army, took part in many of the big battles of the SYW.  I choose them simply for the colourfullness. Yellowish breaches, and light green vests and facings.

They  will both  be Estorff  battalion but also for my Might & Reason repersent  the brigade in Anhalt's Division.

Just  to make them  even more colourfull, lots of nice flowers!


Skip said...

These are gorgeous!

Phil said...

Nice looking regiment, excellent job...and beautiful flowers!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys!