Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Review Ebor miniature French/Spanish cavalry

So there are  people out there that wonders about  the newer Ebor Cavarly. As   many people either feel   or  have heared that some of the Ebor cav ain't  that good.
This  is partly  my fault, becasue I've been vocal   on this(I do  hope I'm the sole person  responsible for this "fact")

Anyway here is a review of French/Spanish Cavalry, these are newer.

I do not like saying bad things about ebor figures, as Ebor is a great company, with unbeatable prices and very good customer   service. (he is bad at answering  mails tho)

So lets start with the old figures(I  have painted 3 of  them, but apperantly I have no  pictures of them.
My problem with them  are; they simply don't look  good, they are stiff, the coats look like this.

And in the Center of the rider, it's simply a flat empty  space.  Sure this part is mostly coverd by the horse  head. But it's disapointing.

Now on to the good stuff, I can from the  get go say these cavarly figures are superiour in every possible  way.  Infact  not only are they better, They  are very good figures period.

They are much more animated, much more natural possion, Better  detail, easier to  paint. (still not sure I'm a fan of ebor  faces)  They are just lovely miniatures.

There  are many things I  like, 

One of my favorite parts  are the  gloves. A big problem with Cavarlyof this period is that some lack color,(danes are  90%  buff leather, much of the  french cav are  grey/white  ect) Often the only color is the horse blanket and the cuffs. BUT the cuffs becaue the leather gloves cover much of the cuffs.
On these(and I have no  idea if this  is correct for French cavarly or simply artistic license) The gloves are"open"after the  hand,  the lower part of the  glove is open, leaving  much of the lower parts of the  cuffs exposed. While the upper part is coved  by the glove.  This helps alot to bring color to otherwise boring  uniform.

Also big cudos to the  horses, this  isn't really fair, as last   time I painted standing  horses,  and those are  automaticaly more boring. This time I have "charging/galloping" horses, Great  animations,  they are BIG and POWERFUL, infact there might be some Bizon  blood in these. They might  be  a  little  over the top in animation and mucles. But they do look  good!

You get 3 diffrent horses, and 3 diffrent troopers(two of  them are very simular but only slight diffrences) While  the other is more uniqe.  You  also   get 3  of  your standard command, (officer, standard barer and trumpeter) I had not  gotton  my Robert hall   plates  yet, but googles showed me a trumpter from the  Lorrine regiment from 1695, so  I tried to  copy it.

I choose  the pack with pistols, you can get them  with swords too. 
at  £29 for 12, The price is unbeatble.

I still do  prefer the warfare  cavarly,  (even tho   I  do love those gloves  on those ebor figures)
Warfare is simply more slim and more my style anatomicaly.   But I will most likely do all my  french(and mabye bravarian) cavarly with these figures! Because I do like the figues alot, it  will also be a nice break(as they are  very diffrent to  paint  from  warfare) AND the  style  is diffrent enough to simply make it easier on the table to see(ah those are french and  those are the allies)
But  they styles  aren't that  diffrent that it will look totaly off to have them on the same table. 

I do recomend them wholehearteldy!  They are easy to  paint, I  think  they look good(oh and those wonderful  gloves!!) So if  you are building  a french cavarly force  for the WSS,  don't hesitate to buy the  French/Spanish  cavarly for Ebor  miniatures, 

Flags  are  again Maverick Models on cloth!


TheSkirmisher said...

Nice. How do they compare with Front Rank?

Ray Rousell said...

Great review, Ebor do make some great looking figures, just wish they made some with floppy hats instead of tricorns.

Gunfreak said...

The skirmisher: they hold up well, front rank are very easy to paint and make look good (clean and big sculpts) these are closer to FR in style and chunkiness then warfare (almost in the middle of those two in chunkiness) FR are probably a little easier to paint. But a little less animated. I don't think I'll use much more FR (Except mabye character figures) mostly because of price (they are now a GOOD deal more expensive then ebor and their regiment deals are soft ball vs the major league deals you get ordering brigade sized orders at ebor.

Paul Robinson said...

Paul Hicks didn't get quite as a good a sculpt with the cavalry as he did with the foot. the posing can be a little off and the detail gets lost on some of the figures with belts not quite matching up under the right arm. But the animation and facial expressions are excellent.
I just wish Nick would use a harder metal in his castings because the figures are very soft.