Friday, January 20, 2017

Regular programing has resumed.

So I'm finally back in the painting groove.

I have  two things to show today, a finished knight unit,  that turned out so so
And WIP of some french infantry.

The knights are front rank, they are kinda fun  to paint as they have quite a varied look, some have brigandines, others have mail reinforced with plate, some have gambeson and some have plate with jupon on.  What pulls down the quality here is my horrible lack of freehand skull. The shields and barding doesn't look very nice.

I'm also  lost in the whole heraldry thing. So I painted random stuff, some are based on   historic French  heraldry with change in color combo, while others are  just made up.

The lances are particularly painful to paint.

Next up are some infantry,  These have so far turned out much much better, partly because the figures are better, they are newer(almost totally new) The mail is one of the biggest changes,  They are proper 3d so painting mail on these are much much easier than on the FR figures.

The sculpts are very detailed, easy to paint, clean and just wonderful. 

 The figures are Claymore Pavisers, I asked for and got regular shields, letting me make infantry. 
The weapons are Spears from Curtey/1st  corps,  while the various other weapons are from Front Rank.

 I do feel they are to spaced out, I do prefer a closer spacing, But I wanted the figures to show, if they are to close  you  only see  my bad shield painting, While my good figure painting is hidden.
 As soon as  you  get a little angle on them, the spacing is less visible.

These are so fun to paint, The mix of, mail, plate, gambeson, and leather. Makes the painting varied.

Again, the shields are not very good, and again random. 

The plan is that these are going to be in duel use.  When  all 24 are done,  they can be their own unit of infantry, But they  can also be used as back ranks of a bigger unit,  with some foot men at arms, being in the front rank. This will be a Large unit in  Hail Ceasar of 48 figures, And I'll use the combined  unit from the main rules.  They will start  the game as men at arms  with all the bonuses this in tales, and once the unit  gets shaken,  it will fights as infantry with all that in tales.


Phil said...

Varied...and beautiful, great job!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hyggelig aa lese blogget ditt (eller bloggen din?) igjen! De er bra malet og gjort. Hvordan er vinteren iaar paa Ulefoss da?

Med Vennlig hilsen,


Gunfreak said...

It would be "bloggen" :)

Thanks, There isn't much winter here now, mostly just ice and more ice.