Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review Warfare Miniatures "model cavarly regiment" part 2

So not a proper review, just showing you what else can be made with it.

Last  time I showed 18 Saxons, with their mix of floppy hats and  tricorns, with cuirass under the coat.

Well here you  have the same deal but painted as 18 Danes,  this time all tricrones with front and back  plate over the coat. Also they are painted with buff coats.

These poor guys have been almost done for months, by the end of September I had 15 of them bases and ready to go but the last 3 lingered primed but not painted. So yesterday I   painted the horsies and today the troopers. Even had time to take them out for a photoshoot.

They look ok, I'm half way satisfied with  the buff coats, but lets just say,  they are kinda drab, next to those red coated Saxons or Blue coated swedes. 

They are painted as 2nd Sjælandske, And it's to  big,  my regiments have a tendency to be too big. This is 3 squadrons, while I've only found them fielded as two squadrons. To add to that, BLB  squadrons are the same as two real squadrons. So this unit isn't one squadron to big, but 4 squadrons to big. 

In the end it looks quite nice, I'm overall happy with  them. And  even  tho it's kinda drab colorwise, they are kinda at the same time striking in the buff coats. 

But it was cold and they needed to huddle togeather for warmth. So I brought out their friends.

My Forces so far to stand against the Swedes. 36 cavalry, 54 infantry and  1 commander.
I still have  12 Saxon cav and 20 Saxon infantry waiting to be painted. 

Of course this is just a fraction of the planned army. With at least 9 battalions and some 20++ Squadrons planned. To face the Swedes. 


Paul Robinson said...

Love the Danes. Excellent work.

Neil Moulden said...

Very nice. Seams this period is getting popular.