Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Allied Principes

 I had to check my  post about planes for the year to see if I actually mentioned I wanted to do Ancients, and yes I  did!

I  painted some 250-300 ancients before I moved, they did survive the move, but through the last 2-3 years moving the boxes as I was looking for other boxes etc. They got weaker, and the box finally   gave out, taking out over 50% of them. I  lost all my romans except some velites and one triarii unit.
I also lost my Tarentine cavalry, my thuroperos.

The survivors are  Geroge the Elephant, my two units of phalangites, the aforementioned roman units and a unit of Carthaginian veterans. So I'm trying to save them by stripping them and repainting them. I'm now working on one such unit some roman cav.
But I also got some spare unpainted stuff laying around. And I managed to get aa unit of allied principes done. No shield decals sadly. So instead I went with the M&M approach. Also, they seem to have the same mix of colors as the new colour coded Daleks.

Quite a lot of work on these, I think they take 50-100%  longer than my GNW figures, lots of little details.

I've also given up on the "few big bases" approach for my ancients and instead gone with  my now standard base side of 60x60mm

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Phil said...

Great looking principes, well done!