Friday, March 24, 2017

Numidian cavarly

So  I finished these 2 "small" units for Hail Ceasar. They are the lovely Victrix plastic set.

 I started out painting  them in the classic but wrong dark African skin  tone,

 But after seeing how other did north African skin, I  managed to find a way. In the end, the skin was made with  Foundry  Chestnut A and B then Citadel Agrax Earth shade, then a second highlight of Chestnut B.
 It did take a couple of tries to find the right color, So, in the end, there is 4 different skin colors in this unit.

I'm kinda anciented out now, I have to try and finish my elephant and Spanish cavalry.  But I mostly want to get back to my  18th-century projects. Not sure if GNW or SYW will be first out.


Phil said...

Beautiful Numidian cavarly, and great bases...

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Very, very nice, skin colours are great as are the shields.

Gunfreak said...

Thank you, the shields are decals from Little Big men studios, so I can't take any credit for those.