Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kolowrat-Krakowski Dragoons

 So I hinted that I  had gone all  out on these, and so I have, while I used water downed paints   on the horses on the Scots Greys, But here I used it all  the way, I also blended much more than I used to, I normally  shy away from blending as I  find it a pain in the ass, but here I did it on almost all the colors. I also tried a new combo of skin colors, starting with a very dark color, Brick red,  then working upwards.

I'm very happy with these, I  really liked the results and so did the same on the Austrian infantry I'm half done with, I also bought reaper paints, and I'm very happy with the two triads I've used so far. New wood for the muskets and carbines. and a new white that became the asutrian uniforms.

Now on the organization,  I restarted my SYW project with Might & Reason in mind, but I'd like to do smaller scale too. So while this would be a dragoon brigade in M&R, I need to find out what this would be at a smaller scale. I've decided to steal the idea from Beneath the Lilly banners. Where each unit is a "squadron" and each Game "squadron" is two real squadrons. So anywhere from  220-380 horses and men. This means that some units will be stuck as the tiny 8 figure units, like most of the British and French units, While this one will be a mighty 24 strong if I do it full strength.

Anyway here it is.
 Horses are still not as good as I want, but better. The last 4(the two black and dark brown) are better then the first 4.