Thursday, April 27, 2017

2nd Dragoons(Scots greys)

 So the  Scots Greys have been a favorite of mine for a long time, but not because of Waterloo, where they, after all,  behaved like idiots and got a massive casualty rate because of it.
No, it's because of they service mostly during the WSS but also SYW.
I  plan on doing the regiments for both  those periods(and yes for Waterloo  too)
First up is the WAS/SYW period versions. The miniatures are the wonderful Crann Tara.

I'm quite happy with the troopers but the horses didn't turn out well, I hate to paint white/gray horses. After trying several different techniques like dry brush I decided to try water downed paint. Sadly the highlights didn't have a big enough contrast and so the details get washed out. But I got the taste for it.  And I'll keep at it,  I've done 4 more horses now and I  think the results are already better.

Next up is the Austrian dragoons(with the aforementioned horses) And I went all out with those. (more on that later)


Phil said...

I don't like painting grey either, but your unit is splendid, great looking Scot Greys sir, hope they'll bo better than on Waterloo's battlefield! Very nice job!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks Phil, yes I do hope they do more like Wargburg than Waterloo.

Stephen Tunmore said...

I have painted some grey horses recently and after looking and illustrations on the internet I painted the horse with and shaded with very thinned black ink then used powdered oil based pastels applied with a colour shaper, (a brush handle with a pointed rubber at the end). You can get the dapple effect of grey horses more easily.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks for the hints, I'm always looking for new techniques for painting.