Friday, July 14, 2017

Say hallo to my medium sized friend

Well it's one day shy of a month since my last post. I've been lost, I started a new Napoleonic project. I thought I had about a 20% chance of actually getting into it. As it turns out the 80% won. After painting 12 French infantry and 3 French dragoons I was bored with it.  Just can't seem to get into it. 

Before I started on the Napoleonic project. I had done half a Russian GNW battalion. The first base was done and almost done with the pikemen. When I started on those evil Napoleoincs. But I got back and managed to finsih the unit. It is the Narvaska regiment.  I really like the Warfre Russians, Especially the officers with their Russian sashes and all that gold. Proper Dandies!

My Russians now have a Brigade, The two battalions behind are Musketeer/Footsore which I don't like. so they don't get any closeups.

And Sinc I've been gone for almost a month, I now give you my Allied army.
7 battalions, 9 squadrons. 185 figures(131 infantry 54 cavalry)
3 Danish, 3 Russian and 1 Saxon battalion, 3 Danish, 4 Saxon Cavalry squadrons, and 2 Saxon dragoon squadrons.

I'm now working on a Swedish battalion, After that, I'll start work on my two remaining Saxon squadrons(1 cuirassier and 1 dragoon) I also have 1 Saxon battalion and 1 Russian battalion to do, And a Second Swedish battalion. By the time those are done I hope the new Swedish and Russian cavalry from Warfare are out. I got 9 more squadrons of Swedish cavalry to paint.


Neil Scott said...

Excellent collection of trps

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Sharp looking troops! And I really like the purple flag of that latest Russian unit.

Best Regards,


Phil said...

No close up when you're not satisfied? Reminds me something! But these ones are splendid, figures and flags!

Gunfreak said...

I don't like the footsore/Musketeer figures. But they are worth too much money not to use.
The figures them self are perfectly fine. But they are probably the most boring figures I know of. All the Russian infantry is in the exact same pose. Not only that but the pose it self is boring. The Swedes got a whooping 2 poses for the musketeers. But at least their pose ain't so freaking boring.