Sunday, August 20, 2017

I once was lost

And I'm still kinda fucking lost.

Since may I've done 3 units; Prussian cuirassiers, Glotz dragoons, and the Russian Narvska battalion.
In the same period I have painted; 12 French line Napoleonic Line infantry, 3 French Napoleonic Dragoons. 12 Landsknecht, 6 Swedish Musketeers, 6 English musketeers, 6 Polish winged hussars.  On top of that, I have almost finished 6 Austrian SYW Musketeers. No units done. I've been bouncing all over the place. I literally had only a couple of hours left of work on the last 6 landskencht to finish the 18 I had planned, which would have let me finish the 54 strong pike block. But noo had to do other stuff. I was so sure I would be able to finish the 12 Polish hussars. but nope. the next 3 horses are half done....

But I finally did finish something. I had 6 warfare cavalry laying around they were supposed to be Saxon Cuirassiers. Instead, they are now the Dutch regiment Saxe-Heilburg. My WSS project has gotten way too little love. While my Saxons and Danes can be used for WSS. So far the only pure WSS units I have are 1 Dutch battalion and 2 French Squadrons.

So this was an attempt to remedy that.

The unit is really Cuirassier, so the cuirass, is painted as buff coat. 
 I like the light grey I've managed to do. 
Given that the Dutch regiments were mostly 2 squadrons, this is it. Only 6 strong.
Flags is ordered. But not sent yet.

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Willie Anderson said...

Fine looking minis👍