Tuesday, September 12, 2017

33e régiment d'infanterie

So I've wanted to do Napoleonics again, but I can never seem to get into the mood.
In June I decided to try yet again. And this time do the 1805-1807 which is my favorite period.
I managed a whopping 12 French infantry and 3 French dragoons.....
But starting late last week. I started on the last 4 bases of my unit. And actually managed to finish it.
Since this is the 1805 period I did toy with the idea of making 9 bases of 5 to get the 900 man battalion. But I decided to keep it to 36. That's still 720 men and far more than actually were present in most battles.

 The figures are Perry miniatures, I'm not completely happy with them, besides the standard Perry stuff, like flash and mold stuff, several figures are actually missing their cuffs, two figures from the
 fusilier pack are missing a cuff each, and one of the command figures have no cuffs.

 But they still look very good, I have another full battalion
to paint that are the newish Front Rank reinforcement packs.
I know they have good detail and quality, but I have painted some
 other French from their reinforcement packs and the might 
be a little stiff next to the perry that are lovely animated. 

It's a lot of work these big battalions but they sure look good.
Last time I did a unit as big or bigger was in April
2012 when I did a Pyrrhic Phalangite unit of 40 pikemen.


Simon Jones said...

I have noticed a lot of flash on Perry figures in the past. Also a couple of sculpting 'mistakes'.

Gunfreak said...

I'm unsure why Perry has this problem, it might be they use cheaper molding/casting materials to save money(they are after all cheaper than a lot of other 28mm out there)

Chasseur said...

Great work, yes I've noticed a few Perry castings can be a bit rough, but like you say they are also cheaper than most.

Dave said...

What Perry item # are your 1805 French? I can't find them on their web site.

Gunfreak said...





Dave said...

Thanks! I guess I didn't go further than the 5th page.