Sunday, September 17, 2017

19e régiment de dragons

Another unit done!
2 squadrons from the 19th dragoons.
At Austerlitz, this regiment with 3 squadrons only numbered 160 men, so basically just a single squadron.

The figures are the quite new Perry proper dragoons, and they are very nice.
Like all the perry stuff they are animated and detailed.
Also like most of the perry stuff, they are very campaign-oriented. A mix of saddle cloth and sheepskin, coat slung over the shoulders etc.

The 1st and 2nd Squadron with the elite company from the 1st squadron. 

 I'm generally happy with these, some of the horses didn't turn out quite as I wanted.
To my surprise, the yellow trumpeter turned out quite well(yellow uniforms are hard)


Colbourne said...

nice work! i have some 18mm dragoons to do soon. Am always tempted by the perry stuff though

Phil said...

Wow, that's a beautiful regiment, well done!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, Phil and Colbourne.

Colbourne, Perry stuff is good, these are very good, but some of their newer stuff doesn't hold the same quality I think as the older stuff.

Chasseur said...

Excellent work! :)

Gunfreak said...


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Lovely figures.

Stu Rat said...

The quote you are looking for on TMP is on page 34 of Wellington's Rifles.

'Eight out of ten soldiers in our regular regiments will aim in the same manner at an object at the distance of three hundred yards, as at one only fifty. It must hence be evident that the greater part of those shots are lost or expended in vain: indeed the calculation has been made, that only one shot out of two hundred fired from muskets in the field takes effect, while one out of twenty from rifles is the average.'

It is attributed to a rifleman, no name given or any other citation.