Friday, December 29, 2017

End of year raport

Well, it's just a couple of days left in 2017 and I did manage to squeeze one more unit out of the year.
I did try and finish it as I noticed I had 1 post more this year than last year, but this year I did the end of year raport for 2016 in January 2017, so it was really even. But with this post and a new unit, I did beat last year.

I'm actually supprised I only beat 2016 with 1 post, I did 9! Napoleonic blog posts in a few months. I felt really productive, yet I beat 2016 with just 1 post...

Let's just get going with the new unit.

This is a sort of generic second/3rd line unit, it could be Nyland 5 mennige regiment, that is what I planned it should be, but apparently, that unit never numbered more than 100.
Or it could be the Åbo/Nyland/Björnborg 3-mennige regiment, they did use grey coats in 1700, but they also used karpus, while this one has a mix of tricorne karpus.

So it's both and neither. The reason for the unit is that I've gotten a bunch of free "damaged" Swedish figures that are missing their bayonets.
So I just bought the command pack, I think I even got the flags for free so the unit ended up costing me a whopping £8.5.

I got a second Swedish battalion in the works and it's about time the Swedes got some love, last Swedish I did were back in February.

So what else did I do this year.

12 Numidian cavalry
12 Medieval mounted knights.
24 SYW cavalry
18WSS infantry
6 WSS cavarly

Some half finished unit, that are:
HYW infantry,
SYW infantry,
WSS infantry
WSS cavarly.

But the year has been dominated by the two period Great Northen War and Napoleonics.

 48 GNW cavalry(18 Swedish, 18 Danish and 12 Saxon dragoons.
62 GNW infantry(40 Saxon and 22 Russian)
3 Swedish command.
3 Saxon command.
1 Saxon Gun with 5 Crew.

The Napoleonic score ended at:

120 Infantry(72 French, 24 Prussian,  24 Russian) (plus 12 more Prussian in a half-done unit)
36 Cavalry(24 French, 12 Russians)
3 French Guns.

Both of these periods I have several hundred unpained, Same goes for SYW.
I think/hope these three periods will dominate 2018, But I suspect my HYW period will get some love too.
I'm running out of space, and I want to scale back my other periods. That mostly means getting rid of my Ancients and pike and shot stuff, sadly it's hard to sell stuff when living on the end of the world.

So here are a few pics to show of 2017.

 Saxon force
 French Guns, fun project, involved finding guns from all over the world and my first proper conversion.
 French Force

 3rd battalion Azov regiment
 One of two WSS units this year, French Ponitau
 Second WSS unit, Dutch  Saxe-Heilburg.
 My first unit of Warfare Russian infantry, expect to see A LOT more of that next year.
 My Anti-Swedish coalition army, since then several units have been added to it.
 My SYW project this year mostly saw cavalry, Prussian Cuirassiers 
 2nd Dragoons the Scots Greys.
 Allied Pricipes
 My Swedish army reaching the half way mark.
 The first unit I started on for my  GNW project, started late 2015, finished it in February 2017 the 48 strong Småland cavarly regiment. 
And so far my only Danish cavalry regiment. 
My Danes need more love both in cavarly and infantry.
Warfare will soonish (I think) release Danish infantry, I also hope they will release their dragoons in tricrones so I can do some Danish(and Norwegian) dragoons.

So 2017 is coming to a close, the world is still here(bearly) 

Besides Miniatures, we've added two dogs to our pack. Dalbris she was born in April this year, and Polaris who is just 11 weeks old. 


Phil said...

A productive and beautiful year, no doubt!

Dan Foley said...

Wow! Beautiful figures and lot's of them. Well done.

Der Alte Fritz said...

It looks like you had a very productive year. I'm looking forward to seeing your GNW armies expand.


Gonsalvo said...

Some really nicely painted troops there!
You don't need to get rid of some, you need more storage space! :-)

Gunfreak said...

Thank you all for stopping by and commenting on the last post this year. I'll continue my GNW Project shortly. But as I said in the blog my HYW project will get some love soon.
So might do a few units in January before The russians and Swedes get more units.

Ratmaul said...

A really worthy collection. A pleasure to look at!
Keep up the good work!

Gunfreak said...