Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I did an army commander

Come meet Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg.

He is my favourite "looser"! He might not have been one of the great "Captains of his age"
It's kinda hard to be when your contemporaries are Eugene of Savoy, Duke of Marlborough and Duke of Berwick.

But he was a lot better this his failures against the Swedes. While he lost battles like Fraustadt, he did do a good job, he knew his business, and did surprise the Swedes earlier by his aggressive tactics. He also served in the Low countries from 1708 and fought well under Eugene at Malplaquet.

The figure is actually the new Shermetev figure from Warfare's GNW range, but give him a red coat and you have Schulenburg.

On his left, he has a trooper and cornet from the Saxon Chevaliergarde, I thought it appropriate he had some bodyguards from that regiment.
This involved creating a "feather rim" on the tricorne of the trooper, way too big because I can't model if my life depended on it. The Chevaliergarde are also warfare figures.

While we are on the topic of can't model, same goes for that well, apparently making a good looking well is "well" above my pay grade.

At least the cannonballs I made look roundish.

Schulenburg will lead my Saxons, but also lead my not very historic Dano-Russo-Saxon coalition army.

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Phil said...

Superb, wonderful work on the base...