Thursday, January 18, 2018

Old style Frenchies

Last time I worked on these were almost to the day one year ago today. 

I've wanted to continue on these for some time, and I came over some new style bases, and wanted to use those, I had finished 16 last January that were based, so I ripped them from the base and finished the unit. 

They are quite a lot of work, with all the different colours and small detail.

These are Claymore Pavisers, with regular shields also from Claymore, with spears from Curteys and various hand weapons from Front Rank, changing them from pavisers to "infantry" 
I added two claymore MAA as "command" 

I love the end results, they are very animated and colourful.

Because of a meter of snow in 24 hours, we were without power and internet for some time, I planned on putting them up on Tirsday but that wasn't possible. 

 Here they are 24 infantry, 
A good mix of weapons, some pole-arms, spears, maces, flail, two diffrent swords, war-hammer.  
The flag and pendant didn't turn out as I wanted