Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Nemesis!

Well, say hello to the battalion from hell! My Nemesis.

This unit is singlehandedly the fault why I stopped doing my SYW project for 6 months.

I had trucked away at my SYW project, having done several units of cavalry and decided my infantry need to be painted. I had done 12 of these and based them, I was almost done with the next six when I realized I had fucked up. I had painted them as Jung-Wolfenbüttel but I realized I had painted the turnbacks red, and I thought, no problem I'll just do them as Keiser instead they have the same uniform.

BUT NOOO, Keiser has white cross straps, Jung-Wolfenbüttel have natural leather. The life was drained from me. I did not want to take those 12 of the base, and so I gave up. put those 6 in a box and did other stuff. Now I started on them again and decided to just ignore the wrongness and just finish them so I can get on it my project. I finished the 6 and started on the last 6.

Then I decided I wasn't satisfied with the basing scheme, I originally planned on just doing Might and Reason, so two bases of 12, but I'm drawn more to Honours of war and games like that, So I did rip those 12 of the base, and once I had done that I thought I might as well repaint the turnbacks.

Just to make the experience complete, as I did the last 6 yesterday the power went out.(3rd time in a week) and it was out for 7 hours.

So in the end of 6 months, a battalion of Jung-Wolfenbüttel is complete and in the correct uniform...... Figures are Minden and flags are Maverick Models.

Pictures turned out crap!
 I really like the SYW Austrians, I'm sure if they dressed like this during the Napoleonic wars they would have won the entire thing.
 I have recently ordered a second battalion of Austrian musketeers, I'm unsure if I'm going to do the 2nd battalion of this regiment or some other regiment.
 Even with all the swearing, cursing and thoughts of blowtorch revenge.  I like how the unit turned out. Sadly the light was not my friend today, but there are rumours of rain coming in an hour or so, so I had to take it now or it might be many days before the next time I'd have the chance.
We all know The battle of Leuthen was fought in 200 meter deep snow.


Phil said...

They look so nice...and the last pic looks so cold!

Gunfreak said...

Sadly not very cold, hence the heavy wet snow that keeps killing the powerlines.

Paul Robinson said...

They look very nice despite your issues. Of course one has to wonder whether anyone but you would have noticed the errors.

Neil Scott said...

They look great to me