Monday, April 23, 2018

Commonwealth Airborne jeep

The second kit I got from Sven for my birthday was a Rubicon Airborne jeep.

It was lovely to paint up, but led to some complications.

First, the instructions showed the airborne jeep with a Browning .50 cal I had glued it on, when Sven pointed out the airborne should have twin Vickers machine gun.
Well, I didn't see any Vickers, not realizing that it was, of course, Vickers K(I had completely forgotten those even existed. I thought those in the kit were Lewis Guns.
Well I managed to rip off the fifi cal without damaging the paint(the green part of the jeep was done by this point)

Now the second problem, apparently 1st Airborne never used the twin Vickers, they wanted to but the weight was too much, so the never got them. And the kit didn't come with the possibility of fixing a single Vickers on the dash. In the end, I used part of the getup for the fifi cal and the side mounted Bren/Vickers, and so managed to make a single mounted Vickers on the dash.

I'm very happy with this one, I think I got a nice look on this one, though I'm unsure about the Denison smock.

But this led to a second problem, I had more or less given up on painting those Warlord American airborne plastic figures as they are just horrible, they are also giants, next to my Jeep Rubicon crew, they look like grizzlies in uniforms.

And this had led to my hunt for actual 28mm infantry, and I also gave up that hunt, it was hard enough finding figures that are prone with an MG, finding none giant 28mm WW2 figures seems impossible.

I'm painting a PaK 40 now, and the heads of the Airborne figures have about 120% the volume of the heads of the Pak crew, the kneeling airborne is almost as tall as a standing PaK crew.....

Anyway here is the Jeep.

 A nice and dirty Willys Jeep
 Beret might be too bright.
 I'm slowly getting somewhat better at the decals
As I said, I'm unsure how well the Denison turned out.


Phil said...

Nice model and great job!

Kris Marquardt said...

You should look at the 101st Airborne from Offensive Miniatures. Those might fit your bill. The Rubicon Jeep is a nice build and yours looks great.
Here is a link to my blog when I opened up my order from Offensive Miniatures

Gunfreak said...


Gunfreak said...

I've sniffed at those offensive before, and they do look great. But they're in M42 not M43 uniforms and won't fit with my Market Garden project(though I'm desperate enough to be tempted to ignore that part)