Monday, April 16, 2018

There once was a firefly

That blew a giant hole in a Panther tank!

So I got a surprise birthday present from my friend Sven, a Rubicon Sherman and a Rubicon Jeep.
I was very confused, I hard ordered a Sherman and a Pack 40 from Fireforge games, but I didn't expect it(since they were shipped 4 days before I got the package (two of those days being Saturday and Sunday.) I was even more confused when there was a jeep in there.
But I quickly surmised that Sven had been sneaky!

I got working on the gluing and priming and did some work I did the first part of the tank on Friday then varnished it, and let it dry until today when I started on the weathering.

I did basically the same as with the previous tank, I added more dirt this time, to make it look proper battle tested. I had some more success with the decals this time(only 50% failure rate, compared to the 90% the first time I tried) I felt I did the streaking grim quite well now and the track wheels etc look better. however, the chipping is still far from what I want.

 I'm quite happy with the tank, I did not expect my first few tanks to look this good.

The decals are for the Irish Guards(cliche I know) But when your favorite war movie since childhood has been A bridge too far, you don't have much choice!

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