Thursday, July 12, 2018

It's cavarly time

So I got an order from Warfare miniatures last week, and got to work right away.
The order included a whopping 54 cavalry, 36 Swedish and 18 Danes.
So far I've done 12 Swedish and 6 Danish.

So let's get to the units.

 A squadron of Gyllenstierna dragoons. This one had 8 squadrons at Poltava, that would be 24 figures, I have enough to make 18, so I might stop there or I might order more to do all 24.

 I also did a squadron of livregimentet til häst.
This one will be 24 strong by the end.

Both these units were planed back in 2015 when I started my GNW project, I wanted the Gyllenstierna for the red colour just to be different. And I wanted livregimentet because I've only really planned 1 guard unit for my swedes and this would be it.(now I might add liv dragonene and mabye a guard battalion too.

I've later found out that Gyllenstierna mainly consisted of POWs from the battles in Poland so that works well to add some variation in grading of my swedes. This one could be rated lower then the other Swedish units. 

 And finally, a squadron of Danes, since the Danes only fielded 2 squadrons for their cuirassiers, this unit is done(except for missing flag.
 1st Jutland(Jylland) was the only Danish cavalry regiment to keep the lobster helmet. 
The would fit right into late 30 years war with their buff coats and armour. 

The Danes are from the tried and true warfare range, while the Swedish are the completely new cavalry codes we have been waiting for for over a year now. This means I've now painted 156 warfare cavalry. I still got 24 more Swedish and 12 more Danes to paint, I also have 6 Saxon dragoons to do. 

BUT I've run out of 60x60mm bases, I got just enough left to do some Danish grenadiers(also completely new from warfare) And finish my Russian guard battalion, but after that, it's full stop, as I use 60x60 for almost everything in my GNW project. 


Neil Scott said...

Excellent looking units

Phil said...

Wonderful cavalry units, great job!

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Gunfreak said...

Thank you.